We understand our impact on the people and communities we serve, and that our responsibilities go far beyond only transportation services.


That's why West Point Tours, Inc. is committed to our Total Community approach to transportation solutions. Our focus ensures the needs of our riders, our districts, and our environment are surpassed. Through ‘Total Community’, we provide safe, viable transportation solutions that contribute positively to the transportation experience of the individual and the needs of our districts, while leaving the smallest carbon footprint possible.

By contracting with West Point Tours, Inc., you will know that the latest measures and techniques are engaged to ensure we are leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible. Through the use of such measures as Telemetry, ‘Green Driver’ Campaigns, and our low-emissions clean-burning engine technology, West Point Tours, Inc cares not just about today’s riders, but tomorrows, as well!

Whether you are seeking a more cost-effective student transportation solution, unbeatable safety performance, a modern fleet with highly-skilled drivers, the latest vehicular technology, top-notch local customer service, or merely exploring why our transportation services are right for you, West Point Tours, Inc. is the solution. Contact us today, and Let’s Go!