PLEASE BE ADVISED:  The West Point Visitors Center is undergoing a major renovation.  Tours will continue to run during the construction out of the temporary buildings. Parking is still available at the Visitor's center but if needed, alternative parking is available in a municipal lot across the street from the Sherman tank at the front entrance to the Visitors Center parking lot. There is also metered parking available across the street from the Visitors Center. Prepaid ticket holders should allow 20 minutes to check in prior to their scheduled tour time. 

Below is a list of currently scheduled tours. Click on the Tour time to proceed.  We do not sell every seat in advance on any tour. The number of 'Available' seats indicate how many seats are remaining for an online advance reservation. Once reservations are sold-out or the registration period ends, all remaining seats can be purchased on the day of the tour at the Visitors Center on a first-come, first-served basis.  Advance tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable, and there is a $.50  service fee per ticket.   Advance ticket sales end at noon the day prior to the tour, on Friday for Sunday tours.
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  If you will require a wheelchair lift to access our daily tour bus, please contact our office a minimum of 48 hours in advance of your requested tour date and prior to making your reservation.

Event Date/Time Max Attendance
 1Hr 15min Tour
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 09:30 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 09:30:00
End: 10:45:00
Available 23
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 10:15 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 10:15:00
End: 11:30:00
Available 21
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 11:00 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 11:00:00
End: 12:15:00
Available 28
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 11:45 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 11:45:00
End: 13:00:00
Available 29
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 12:30 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 12:30:00
End: 13:45:00
Available 28
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 13:00 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 13:00:00
End: 14:15:00
Available 30
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 13:30 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 13:30:00
End: 14:45:00
Available 30
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 14:15 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 14:15:00
End: 15:30:00
Available 27
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 15:00 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 15:00:00
End: 16:15:00
Available 26
1 Hr 15 Min Tour 15:45 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 15:45:00
End: 17:00:00
Available 26
 2Hr Cemetery Tour
2 Hr Tour 10:45 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 10:45:00
End: 12:45:00
Available 17
2 Hr Tour 14:30 Date: Aug 09,2017
Start: 14:30:00
End: 16:30:00
Available 28